Important Update from Family Kingdom

2022 Pricing*

Amusement Park

All Day Unlimited Ride Wristband Adults and Children – $32.95 (plus 7.5% tax**)
Individual Ride Tickets are also available for $1.15 (plus 7.5% SC tax** each)
and range from 3 to 5 tickets per ride. (See park for specific ride costs.)

*Prices subject to change at any time. **City, County, and SC Tax 7.5%.

Guest Services

  • Parking

    On-site parking is available at $9.00 per car. Bus parking is $10.00 per bus.
    See parking lot attendant for special bus parking.

  • Automated Teller Machine

    An automated teller machine is located in the Amusement Park Arcade.

  • Dress code

    To enjoy our family atmosphere, clothing with offensive words or pictures
    will not be permitted inside our parks.

  • Inclement Weather

    Some attractions may close during bad weather until conditions permit safe operations.
    In case of severe weather, further instructions will then be given over
    the Park’s public address system.

  • Information/First Aid Booth

    Family Kingdom has an informational/First Aid booth located in front of the Log Flume Ride. You can rent strollers and wheelchairs at this location.
    Stroller rentals are available for your use during your visit.
    Strollers – $10.00 rental fee
    Wheelchairs are also available for your use during your visit.
    Wheelchairs – $10.00 rental fee

    ** Electric Convenience Vehicle (ECV) Wheelchairs **
    are also available for your use during your visit.
    ECV’s must be rented from the Amusement Park Office.

    ECV Wheelchairs – $25.00 Rental Fee and a $50.00 Deposit on Credit Card

    Valid State ID card required for all rentals.

  • Coolers

    Are not permitted in the Amusement Park.

  • Lost and Found

    All lost and found articles should be turned in and claimed at the Amusement Park office. Park personnel will not be able to retrieve any lost belongings during parks operating hours due to safety reasons.

  • Payment Options

    Cash, Master Card, Visa, Discover, United States Traveler’s check and money orders
    are accepted for admission at the Amusement Park.
    Personal or business checks are not accepted.

  • Pets

    Pets, with the exception of service animals, are not allowed on property.

  • Security

    Security is on premises at all times and available to assist at any time throughout your visit.

  • Separated Parties

    Park security is available to assist with locating young children, or missing parents.
    An adult must accompany all patrons under 16 years of age at all times at both
    the Amusement Park.

  • Weapons and Alcoholic Beverages

    Weapons of any kind and alcoholic beverages are prohibited on Family Kingdom property.