Frequently Asked Questions

If I do not ride, do I have to pay?

No, if you do not ride you do not have to pay. It is free to enjoy watching your family and friends. You only pay if you would like to ride the rides at the amusement park.

Do I have to purchase a wristband at the amusement park
or can I buy individual rides?

Family Kingdom Amusement Park offers two great ways to purchase rides. You can buy a wristband that gives you an all-day pass to the rides or buy individual credits.

If I do not use all my credits, can I use them on a future date?

Yes, when you purchase credits they never expire; you may use them at any future date that the park is open.

Can I ride rides at the amusement park without shirts and shoes?

No, due to safety reasons, all riders must wear shoes and shirts while riding
at the amusement park.

If it rains, can I get a refund?

Rain check/Refunds
Family Kingdom does not close rides due to rain, however in the event of thunder and lighting, attractions will be temporarily closed. Since the parks remain open, even on rainy days, we do not offer any refunds or rain checks.

Do I have to stay with my children?

Yes, all children under 16 years of age need an adult chaperone with them at all times while at either park.

Can we leave the park and come back?

Yes, with a wristband purchase, you can leave the park and return anytime on the day of purchase. Keep your wristband on and to re-enter just show ride attendant.

Can we bring food and/or coolers into the parks?

No, coolers are not allowed. Family Kingdom Amusement Park offers a wide variety of onsite food concessions for your enjoyment.