Family Kingdom
Amusement Park Rides

Thrill Rides: Heart pounding excitement for the adventurous.
Hurricane — Music Express:

A park favorite, the Hurricane takes thrill-seekers speeding in circles on a hilly track. This ride served as the set for country music star Kenny Chesney’s video “Anything But Mine.”

O.D. Hopkins Log Flume — Water Ride:

A wet and wild ride for the whole family that provides refreshing and watery fun.

Sling Shot:

This ride features a 100-foot free fall…straight down.

Swamp Fox:

The Swamp Fox wooden roller coaster has been a Myrtle Beach landmark since it opened in 1966. With 2,400 feet of all-wooden track, this ride takes visitors on a thrilling trip while treating them to an ocean view. The ride is named after Francis Marion, a revolutionary war hero who earned the nickname “Swamp Fox” for his ability to outwit and outrun British troops by hiding out in the swamps in the Pee Dee region.


Not for the faint-at-heart, the Thunderbolt sends those brave enough to climb aboard in high-speed circles in cars that swing from side to side.

Twist ‘n Shout:

New for 2013, this is a “wild-mouse” style steel coaster with independently-traveling, four-passenger cars, each custom-themed after 50’s vintage automobiles. Its cars are wider than the steel track, and they make sharp, quick, flat turns that literally put riders on the edge of their seats.


This ride takes the concept of a swing to a new level. Riders reach heights and speeds sure to thrill.

Go Karts:

Perfect for speed demons looking for the excitement of race car driving.

Figure-8 Track:

The multiple turns on this track test drivers’ skills as they speed around the two loops of the figure 8.

Antique Cars:

Family Kingdom guests can enjoy both electric and gas-powered antique cars. The electric-powered cars take the passengers along a scenic track underneath the Swamp Fox roller coaster. The gas-powered cars require the driver to “step on the gas” to move around a track located at the base of the log flume.

Bumper Boats:

This ride presents a couple of “hazards” to anyone wanting to stay dry! The boats are each equipped with water guns that riders use to squirt each other. In addition, riders try to bump each other’s boats underneath the pool’s rain tree.


Built in 1923 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, this classic carousel features horses cast from the manufacturer’s original molds.

Dodgem Bumper Cars:

A park classic, the bumper cars offer up an opportunity to vent any pent-up “road rage” and to have great fun in the process.


On the Galleon, riders get a sense of what it might feel like to be aboard a pirate ship on the high seas as it rocks back and forth, while it goes higher and faster.

Giant Wheel:

Our ferris wheel features unique round gondolas that take riders to a height of 100 feet where they experience a panoramic view of Myrtle Beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

Kite Flyer:

New for 2013, this soaring ride delivers the fun of hang-gliding as riders lay on their stomachs with feet dangling. Its platform rises and falls in mid-air, providing the sensation of free flight, as riders float in a giant circle around the ride’s core.

Pistolero Round-up:

A laser target shooting “dark ride,” the Family Kingdom Pistolero was the first of its kind produced by the great American ride manufacturer Sally Corporation. Since this ride made its international debut at Family Kingdom, it has become a very popular ride at parks around the nation.


This ride has been among the best-loved rides at fairs and parks for decades. As the Tilt-A-Whirl’s platform revolves, its cars spin randomly at variable speeds in different directions, a human-scale example of what mathematicians call “chaotic motion”.


A park favorite for the entire family, Family Kingdom’s choo-choo toots its horn as it winds its way around the park and over scenic Withers Swash, the natural ocean inlet that runs through Family Kingdom.

Kiddie Rides: Amusement for our youngest guests.
4×4 Big Trucks:

Kids love playing truck driver as they pretend to drive these pint-sized tractor-trailer trucks around an oval track.


Free-floating mini-canoes glide peacefully along a winding river, complete with a trip through a teepee.


For daredevils in training, the kiddie cycles are model motorcycles that speed around a track popping wheelies along the way.

Flight School:

New for 2013, this ride features a front and rear seat perfect for a little pilot and co-pilot. The seats are also spacious enough to accommodate adults who want to join their little rider’s flight.

Frog Hopper:

New for 2013, this bouncy ride takes seated riders straight upward, then “hops” them down to the ground. This is a low-speed, gentle ride that can also accommodate adults who wish to accompany their children.

Hampton Combo:

With a truck, a few motorcycles, a school bus, a sports car, and a fire engine to choose from, kids want to ride the Hampton Combo over and over.

Jump Around

This family ride has vehicles rotating around a core that features a colorful design theme. It has an interactive bouncing motion, and up to four children or one adult and two children can ride in each vehicle.

Kiddie Coaster:

The kiddie coaster delivers all the thrills of a big roller coaster at kid-scale.

Magic Bikes

This hot air balloon-themed ride has colorful vehicles with elevated seats and bicycle pedals. You can make it swoop up and down as you “fly” through the air.


On the Mini-Enterprise kids steer a rocket ship into higher and lower orbits.

Kiddie Speedway:

Little race car drivers love these fast cars on an oval track, especially the extra thrill when the cars whip around the corners.

Kiddie Ferris Wheel:

A child-sized version of the Giant Wheel, kids get a kick out of looking down at their families from up high.

Mini Bumper Cars:

Featuring cars themed as cats and mice, this ride gives kids free reign to drive like crazy.

Kiddie Swing:

This ride is a smaller version of our Yo-Yo swing, and appeals to kids of all ages.

Red Baron:

Kids can live out their dreams of being a World War I Flying Ace on the Red Baron ride, flying up and down while aiming vintage machine guns.

Wet Boats:

A splashing good time for all kids, the wet boats travel in a circular water-filled canal.


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